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Kadish Morris is an editor, freelance arts & culture writer and the founder of, an all-girl interview series profiling creative women. She has written for various magazines including Dazed, AnOther, Twin & Vice amongst others.

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Intern Magazine
The Dots
Youth Arts Online

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Selected Writing

Dazed & Confused

What’s it like to do 40-years for a crime you deny?

Beautiful photos bring ancient hair traditions to the future

Women share their everyday public harassment experiences


Photographing Prayer Spaces in Airports Around the World

Voyeuristic Photographs of Museum Visitors Looking at Art

How to coordinate your lunch with your outfit

Twin (Print)

The Ultimate Vessel


The History of Mom Jokes


Turning protest banners into striking, effective works of art


Annu Kilpeläinen

Faye Wei Wei

Francesca Gavin

Kadish Morris
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Editor & writer based in London

Selected Writing